We all love the environment and want to show our appreciation to it in any way we can. So here comes Arbor Day and wow, you’ve found the perfect spot to plant a tree, in celebration, right next to your septic system. It’s so perfect, it gets perfect sun and the that beautiful tree will really flourish there!


Planting trees or other items near or on your septic system can cause unnecessary damage, leading to expensive repairs or replacements of system components. Also, this damage can actually hurt the environment by releasing waste into the ground and possibly contaminating groundwater.

We’re here to help you understand some do’s and don’ts when it comes to what to avoid around the area of your septic system:

  • Never plant trees or shrubbery within proximity to your septic system, especially the leach field (drainage bed). Over time, the roots can intrude the piping and cause clogs and back-ups of the system.
  • Don’t allow anyone to park or drive over any portion of your septic system. This can severely damage your system, possibly requiring major repairs or replacement of system components.
  • Never allow drainage of gutter downspouts, sump pumps or other drainage devices to drain into your septic system. If you require additional drainage assistance, consider installing a dry well on your property.
  • Avoid installing any type of patio or driveway over your septic system components, including, patio stones, bricks or asphalt.
  • Avoid over-watering the area of your septic drainfield as this can saturate the system. Also avoid installing sprinkler systems in the area of the system for the same reason.
  • Never build structures, such as sheds or pool houses, over or near your septic system.

As you can see, there’s many reason to keep debris, vegetation and structures away from your septic. And, if you require an inspection or repair in the future, the area will be clear and no preparation will be required.