The rule of thumb for septic pumping is 3 years (36 months). However, keep in mind that homes and businesses with a higher volume of use should have their systems pumped more frequently.

Some state, county and/or municipal health authorities require septic tank pump outs at specific frequencies. Also, some lake or town associations may have specific pump requirements. Check with the governing board of health in your area as to their requirements.

Septic systems, if properly installed, are designed to last for a significant amount of years. Many in the industry say a septic system will typically last from 20-30 years. However, if a system isn’t properly maintained, the life expectancy of a system can greatly decrease.

There are several signs that a septic system is not functioning as it was designed to. This could include but is not limited to water and sewage backing up into the toilets, sinks and drains, slow draining in the sinks & tubs, odors near and/or around the system. If you feel your septic system isn’t functioning properly, contact one of our representatives today to discuss options.  

Most definitely! Having to replace a septic system right after purchasing a home can be a major headache and is completely avoidable with just an inspection. Although we don’t perform inspections, we’re happy to discuss the options with you, what to look for and refer you to reputable companies that can assist you.

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