From the time man created septic systems, there’s been an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of septic additives. And while some additives can actually damage systems due to their corrosive chemical make-up, some can be beneficial when used in the correct capacity.

A few examples, but not limited to, when additives can be beneficial for use in a septic system:

  • If a home or business with a septic system is high-volume water usage.
  • If a home or business uses heavy bleach/antibacterial products that get flushed or drained into the septic system.
  • When a system is installed, as it aids in the rapid production of bacteria for a healthy system.
  • When a home or business tends to get build-up in their plumbing and septic lines.

Pro-Pump products aid in the reduction of odor in septic systems, plumbing lines and grease traps and assist in maintaining bacteria levels that are beneficial to a septic system. Pro-pump products are non-corrosive and won’t damage your system like other additives and they’re non-toxic, so safe for all family members, even the furry ones!

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