If you’re selling or buying a home with a septic system, chances are a septic inspection will be performed. Typically states, as well as governing municipalities, have very specific guidelines to follow when it comes to septic inspections. Inspection companies must thoroughly examine every component of the septic system including the tank(s), conveyance system/distribution lines and absorption area. All findings should then be issued in both a summary report and accompanying field report from the septic inspector.

If an inspection was performed on a septic system and any components are found to require repair, the cost can vary significantly depending upon the issue, or issues, found. Sometimes, if the issues are severe enough, a full septic system replacement will be required.

If you would like us to evaluate your septic inspection report for the potential repair or replacement of a septic system, or you’re a homeowner simply requiring repairs or septic installation/replacement, please complete the form below

If you have a septic inspection report reflecting required repairs or full replacement is needed, we’re going to need to view the following in order to provide you with an estimate:

Septic Repairs:

–   Copy of the full septic inspection report, including the summary and field report (please use the “attachment” field below to attach the file).

Septic Installation:

–   Current engineering plans approved by the municipal or county health authority (please use the “attachment” field below to attach the file).

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    We had our septic backup and flood into the house late on a Friday evening and called around for help with no luck… until we found M&B septic. The owner called back within minutes and he had someone there first thing the next day, on a Saturday morning, to pump the tank and clear the clogged baffles. They really came through. We couldn’t be happier with their service.

    – H. Augensplatt

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